Sunday, 7 August 2016

Planting Trees for Survival

Today Room 17 and Mrs Daniel, with the help of Lynda from Auckland City Council, repotted TWO HUNDRED & FIFTY seedlings, as part of the Trees for Survival programme. The children were such enthusiastic and careful botanists.

Did you know Sunnyhills Senior School students have already repotted over 300 seedlings? We're looking forward to our tiny seedlings growing 30 cm in a year, then we'll be replanting them in a  local reserve for our native fauna to enjoy.

What a fantastic project; a wonderful learning experience with a really positive environmental outcome.


  1. Hi Room 17 this looked like lots of work. Room 9a has some questions for you. Why did you need your gumboots? Why did you plant so many seedlings? How long did it take you to plant them. We will go and see if we can see them today. From Room 9a

  2. Hi Room 17 Great planting I hope you had a super good time. Want plants did you plant? From Cailan